Three Results of Jesus’ Birth


Advent and Christmas at ANDC: Celebrate the Coming King

The Rev. Wright Wall gives a meditation to All Nations DC Anglican Church on the Christmas lessons:

I. Genesis 3:8–15 | The Fall
II. Genesis 22:15–18 | God’s Promise to Abraham
III. Isaiah 9:2, 6, & 7 | The Prophecy of the Messiah’s Birth
IV. Micah 5:2–4 | The Messiah will be Born in Bethlehem
V. Luke 1:26–38 | The Annunciation to Mary
VI. Matthew 1:18–23 | The Birth of Emmanuel
VII. Luke 2:8–16 | The Shepherds’ Visit
VIII. Matthew 2:8–16 | The Wise Men Visit the Manger
IX. John 1:1–14 | The Word Became Flesh

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