Given by Charlie P. at All Nations DC Anglican Church

Sunday, September 8, 2013


Before I knew God, my life was full of things that I couldn’t understand, no matter how hard I tried. By following my heart, I felt happy when people around me felt happy, especially when their happiness derived from things that I had done for them. But in real life, I had also observed people who gained success at the price of the people around them. It seemed that they got ahead by being unfair. And so I wondered if following my true heart was right. I knew how beautiful sacrifice was, but I was afraid that my sacrifice would go unobserved—that no one would appreciate it. What’s more, I love people and have had the pleasure of being loved, but I used to be concerned that if I paid too much for things that I would be considered a fool.

But I now know that even before I knew God, He was already involved in my life; He arranged my daily life and helped me achieve many things that I could not have done by myself. And He placed me around people who believe in God and who were willing to share their faith with other people. Through a difficult and painful transition, God helped me know that my sufferings came from being out of God’s will. I always worried about what might happen, but now I know that the Lord is the one who has the power to decide. And that what I should do is obey the Lord and ask Him to be present with me and to be with me in my daily life. Before I was always concerned that I would pay too much and that I would be cheated. Now I know that if I follow the path of the Lord and love those around me, I don’t need to worry about being cheated because the Lord is my provider.

My belief in God is strengthened, both by studying the Bible and by following the living example of fellow believers in the church. The family of the Lord is full of love and happiness. And I am desperate to join in. When I realized the warmth of the Lord’s family and when the Lord cleared the concerns that I had had as I grew up, I bowed to the Lord and decided to be a follower myself.

Since I received Jesus Christ, my Lord, I can feel the presence of the Lord with me. I truly feel happy when I see people around me live better, especially if they give thanks to the Lord. I know no sacrifice will go in vain, because Jesus Christ made the perfect sacrifice for all of us. And when I sacrifice myself, I bring my body and mind closer to the Lord. And love is the great blessing that the Lord has given me. And I hope to love others and bring them the peace that comes through faith in Jesus. He brings peace to our inner hearts and to others.

I want to thank the Lord for saving me and bringing me peace. And I thank him for accepting my prayer as a living member of His family. And I pray that He will help me to follow His path, through good days and bad days, from now till the end of my life. Amen.