Wholeness In Oneness Conference

Sponsored by TFCA Healing and Prayer Ministries and Marriage Matters Now

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A unique Christian conference for persons who are married or considering marriage. Ideal for couples to attend together, but beneficial for even one to attend. This conference will show Christian couples how to access and experience the transformative power of Jesus Christ in their marriage and in their lives.

  • What is unique to the Christian marriage?
  • Do you sometimes find it difficult to reconcile your faith with your day-to-day experience of married life?
  • How can the trials and challenges of living with your spouse be turned into blessings?
  • How can the Lord work through your marriage to bring you – and your spouse – to a closer intimacy with the Lord?
  • How can the Lord use past wounds and weaknesses to bring us to a new place of “Wholeness in Oneness”?
  • How does the healing power of God work in marriage?

Come learn about:
The Intersection of Marriage and Healing
The 5 “G’s” of a Christ-Centered Marriage
“Forgive and Forget”?
The Power of a Mother’s and Father’s Blessing

The kick-off talk presented by John and Susan Yates
“Oneness in Christ”;
Marriage Made in Heaven But Lived on Earth!

Come find out these things and more.

Immanuel Bible Church
6911 Braddock Road, Springfield, VA 22151

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