Spiritual Awakening: Past Lessons, Future Hope

The C.S. Lewis Institute presents this Special Event featuring Dr. Michael McClymond, Associate Professor of Theological Studies at Saint Louis University, St. Louis, MO.

All across the USA and all around the world, many believers are praying and seeking for “revival” or “spiritual awakening.” But what is “revival”? How and why does it come? How and why does it often seem not to come? Can revival be “prayed down”? Or do we simply have to wait for it? What benefits come to the church in the wake of a revival? What challenges? Is revival always a good thing for the church and/or for society? And what about so-called counterfeit revivals? How ought one to discern them and to respond to them?

Lecture titles:

  • American Awakenings: Spiritual Renewal from the 1700s Until Today
  • ’Faith Comes From Hearing’: Biblical Truth as the Basis for Revival
  • ’Seek and You Will Find’: Prayer As the Preparation for Revival (two sessions)

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Columbia Baptist Church
103 West Columbia Street
Falls Church, VA 22046

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