National Children’s Prayer Congress

May 5th marks the beginning of the 2014 National Children’s Prayer Congress, bringing children from across the nation to Washington, DC to participate in three days of leadership training and prayer for our country’s leaders. They will have opportunities to meet with their senators and representatives, lead prayers for the President and present speeches at the Capitol and at the historic St. John’s Episcopal Church. Other events include meeting with the Senate and House Chaplains, attending a reception given in their honor at a foreign embassy, and meeting with an ambassador. The student delegates will be the guests of honor and participate in presentations at a diplomatic reception.

If you would like your children to participate, please contact our Children’s Minister Kacy Wandel at

Finally, we also encourage you to be in prayer for Roger and Lin story, helping to lead the congress. Please do keep them in your prayers between now and the conclusion of the congress on May 7th.

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