Mother’s and Father’s Blessing

None of us had perfect parents, or are ourselves perfect parents. Many of us still are carrying burdens we were not meant to bear arising from our childhoods or adult relationships with our parents.  How many of us still remember harsh words from a parent, a parent who travelled for business and was never there for your sports and school activities, a parent who could not deal with his/her own problems that spilled into the family, a parent who could not or did not provide the love and nurturing you needed. How many of us came from broken homes or lost a parent early in life, or still feel that we cannot live up to a parent’s expectations? How many of us feel guilt for something we did, or said, or should have said to a parent, or feel that we were in some way responsible for a parent’s divorce?

Jesus came to Earth to heal us and make us whole. Today He is doing just that, removing burdens that we were not meant to bear, hurts that we carry around with us, some of which impact our image of God and our relationship with Him. This special one-hour Mother-Father Blessing provides an opportunity for the Lord to minister to you in this area, healing what needs to be healed and showing us who we truly are in Him, His beloved.

The schedule for the evening is as follows:

  • 7–8pm Soaking Prayer
  • 8–9pm Mother’s and Father’s Blessing




Columbia Baptist Church
Stephenson Hall (Room 228)
103 West Columbia Street
Falls Church, VA 22046

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