Since beginning work as a pastor at The Falls Church Anglican (TFCA) in 2009, Wright Wall has been praying about and planning for the start of a new church for Northwest Washington, DC. All Nations DC (ANDC) Anglican Church is the fulfillment of a vision that God first planted in Wright’s heart while a cadet at West Point more than 20 years ago, when he embraced God’s call to “take the Gospel to the nations.” Wright and his wife, Beth, have sought to follow this call in their 20 plus years of marriage and in his vocations in the Army and in business and her vocation as an ESL teacher.

Photo of ANDC people from early pray and plan gathering
One of our first gatherings to pray and plan for All Nations DC took place in the Walls’ living room in January 2012.

As TFCA parishioners, Wright and Beth discerned a call to full-time ministry, sold their home in Northern Virginia, and entered Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary in 2006. During a family discussion about taking the Gospel to all nations, their 9-year old son protested, “But we aren’t going to have time to go to all those countries. Isn’t there somewhere we could go where they would come to us?” As the Walls thought and prayed, God led them back to TFCA, where Wright joined the church’s Timothy Program.

Timothy participants spend time mentoring with seasoned clergy to gain ministry experience and to learn about church planting. Each Timothy then plants a “daughter” church, primarily in the DC metro area. ANDC will be TFCA’s ninth daughter church. To plant a church in Northwest Washington, in the midst of the vast network of embassies, seemed to be the perfect combination of the Walls’ passion for reaching the nations and for Anglican-style worship and discipleship.

In early 2012 an intergenerational ANDC nucleus formed with TFCA parishioners and others from the larger DC metro area. We have continued to meet, to pray, and to envision ways an Anglican church in Northwest Washington could lift up Jesus, love the city, and bless the nations.

To learn more about our beginnings and who we are, read:
Gearing Up for All Nations DC (PDF)